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Find your zen: unveiling the best spa experiences in New Zealand

Today, I'll be comparing eight of New Zealand's paid spa complexes to help you choose the perfect ones to include in your itinerary for our beautiful country. This review is based on personal visits to each complex by Valeria Smith, a guide in New Zealand. In other words, I'll only be recommending places I've experienced firsthand.

To minimize subjectivity, I'll compare the spa complexes based on five key criteria, each rated on a five-point scale (1 being the lowest, 5 the highest):

  1. Variety of Services: This encompasses the breadth and depth of spa treatments, massages, and wellness offerings.

  2. Design and Ambiance: This assesses the aesthetic appeal, décor, and overall atmosphere of the spa complex.

  3. Cleanliness: This evaluates the immaculate standards of cleanliness maintained throughout the spa facilities.

  4. Crowdedness: This gauges the spa's ability to provide a tranquil and uncrowded experience.

  5. Value for Money: This assesses the spa's pricing relative to the quality of services and overall experience.

We'll be journeying through New Zealand's breathtaking landscapes from north to south, exploring the remarkable spa complexes that await.

spa experiences in New zealand. Guide in New Zealand. New Zealand tours.

Ngawha Springs Hot Pool: A Natural Oasis with Room for Improvement

Ngawha Springs Hot Pool lies about a half-hour drive from Paihia, the heart of the Bay of Islands. Maori legend attributes healing properties to the spring waters, believed to cure a wide range of ailments. Owned by a local Maori tribe, the complex prioritizes preserving the traditional atmosphere and affordability for locals, keeping entry fees low. On Tripadvisor, Ngawha Springs boasts a 4.5-star rating, but let's break down the details.

Variety of Services: 2/5

The complex offers 12 small pools with varying temperatures (34-42°C) sourced from different springs. However, massage services, other spa therapies, and children's amenities like water slides are absent. Notably, showers are unavailable; only a cold-water hose is provided. Free parking is available on-site.

While the abundance of pools is a plus, the lack of additional services limits Ngawha's appeal.

Design and Ambiance: 1/5

The complex resembles a simple shed with open-air pools built into the ground. Design elements are virtually nonexistent. Wooden surrounds for the pools appear worn, and the water might seem unclear. Handwritten signs contribute to a somewhat unkempt impression. Overall, the aesthetics may not be appealing to everyone.

Cleanliness: 2/5

With an earthen floor and basic wooden structures, maintaining top-notch cleanliness is challenging. While there's no obvious garbage, the hygiene standards might not meet everyone's expectations.

Crowdedness: 2/5

Mornings are the ideal time to visit Ngawha Springs, as crowds tend to build up in the evenings. The complex allows children, which can be a positive or negative aspect depending on your preference for a quiet atmosphere.

Value for Money: 5/5

Ngawha Springs shines in terms of affordability. Adult entry is only NZ$4, with children's prices varying by age (NZ$0-2). An honesty box collects payments, as cashiers aren't always present.

Overall Score: 12/25

Ngawha Springs offers a natural hot spring experience steeped in Maori tradition and affordability. However, the lack of amenities, basic facilities, and potential cleanliness concerns might be dealbreakers for some visitors.

spa experiences in New zealand. Guide in New Zealand. New Zealand tours.
Ngawha Springs, Bay of Islands

Parakai Springs: A Fun-Filled Family Getaway (with a Caveat)

If you're spending more than two days in Auckland and seeking a family-friendly activity, consider Parakai Springs. Located 40 minutes northeast of the city center, this thermal spa complex boasts a 3.5-star rating on Tripadvisor. Let's see how it measures up!

Variety of Services: 5/5

Parakai Springs caters extensively to families with children. The complex features:

  • Two pools: a large, warm outdoor pool (32°C) perfect for kids, and a covered hot pool (40°C) for relaxation (though children are still allowed).

  • Two water slides, suitable for all ages.

  • Picnic tables with barbecue rentals for family gatherings.

  • A cafe for refreshments.

  • A small, adult-only pool for a quieter escape.

  • A beauty salon and infrared saunas (additional charges may apply).

Public locker rooms with showers are available, though they lack individual changing stalls. Free parking is ample.

Design and Ambiance: 3/5

The design leans towards a practical, no-frills approach. Concrete walls and tiles line the public pools, with a more upscale stone finish in the adult-only area. Overall, the focus here is on functionality rather than luxurious aesthetics.

Cleanliness: 3/5

The complex maintains a clean environment, with regular cleaning of showers, toilets, and floors. However, a recurring concern among visitors is occasional incidents of children using the pools as toilets.

Crowdedness: 2/5

Parakai Springs is highly popular, especially on weekends and holidays. Expect large crowds, primarily families with children, resulting in a lively, sometimes noisy atmosphere.

Value for Money: 4/5

Parakai Springs offers a mid-range price point. Adult tickets cost NZ$25, children (5-15 years) NZ$12.50, and children (2-4 years) NZ$6. The complex frequently offers discounts on coupon sites.

Overall Score: 17/25

Parakai Springs provides a fun-filled experience for families with children. However, be aware of potential cleanliness concerns and a vibrant, sometimes loud atmosphere. If you prioritize peace and quiet, this might not be your ideal choice.


spa experiences in New zealand. Guide in New Zealand. New Zealand tours.
Parakai Springs, Auckland

Polynesian Spa: A Luxurious Rotorua Retreat with High Demand

The Polynesian Spa, established in 1972, is one of Rotorua's oldest and most distinguished spa complexes. Building upon the historical Kupalen baths that brought fame to the region in the 19th century, Polynesian Spa boasts a 4-star rating on Tripadvisor. Let's delve deeper and see if it lives up to the hype!

Variety of Services: 5/5

Polynesian Spa offers an extensive range of services catering to diverse preferences:

  • Pools: Divided into four distinct sections – Family Pools, Adult Pools, Lake View Pools, and Private Pools – the complex ensures a perfect fit for everyone's needs. Whether you seek family fun or tranquil solitude, Polynesian Spa has you covered (although water slides are absent).

  • Each pool section features various pools with varying temperatures. Detailed descriptions can be found on their website. Look out for our discounted entry to the Lake View Pools! The mineral-rich waters are sourced from different springs, offering unique therapeutic properties as explained by signage near each pool.

  • Massages and Spa Treatments: Polynesian Spa pampers guests with a comprehensive selection of massages and spa treatments for body and face, all delivered by experienced professionals.


  • Towels and Lockers: While complimentary towels and lockers with locks are provided for Lake Spa visitors, those using other pools may incur additional charges for these amenities.

  • Locker Rooms: Separate changing booths are available within the public locker rooms. Shower facilities vary by pool section: private showers in Lake Spa, open communal showers in Adult and Children's Pools.

  • Cafe: A cafe offering healthy and delicious refreshments is located on-site.

  • Shop: A large store sells cosmetics, pool accessories, and souvenirs.

  • Parking: Ample free parking is available near the complex.

Polynesian Spa scores a perfect 5/5 for its diverse service offerings.

Design and Ambiance: 5/5

Polynesian Spa prioritizes aesthetics, creating a luxurious atmosphere. The Lake Spa, Adult Pools, and Private Pools are all finished with natural stone, featuring an organic, irregular shape with secluded coves for a truly private experience. The massage areas boast plush carpets, large mirrors, paintings, and comfortable seating, further enhancing the upscale ambiance. Polynesian Spa receives another 5/5 for its design.

Cleanliness: 4/5

The staff strives to maintain impeccable cleanliness. However, during peak hours with a large influx of visitors, minor lapses might occur. Therefore, Polynesian Spa gets a 4/5 for cleanliness.

Crowdedness: 3/5

For an optimal experience, visit Polynesian Spa in the mornings. Evenings, particularly after 6 pm, witness a significant surge in visitors with tour buses arriving frequently. This high popularity is perhaps its only major drawback. Polynesian Spa receives a 3/5 for crowdedness.

Value for Money: 2/5

Polynesian Spa falls on the pricier end. Adult ticket prices range from NZ$23 for Family Pools to NZ$55 for Lake View Pools. This factor leads to a 2/5 rating for value.

Overall Score: 19/25

Polynesian Spa offers a luxurious spa experience with a diverse range of services and a stunning ambiance. However, be prepared for potential crowds, especially in the evenings, and consider the higher price point compared to other options.


spa experiences in New zealand. Guide in New Zealand. New Zealand tours.
Polynesian SPA, Rotorua

Waikite Valley Thermal Pools: Rustic Charm with Room for Improvement

Nestled near the geothermal wonderland of Wai-O-Tapu, Waikite Valley Thermal Pools lies about a 30-minute drive from Rotorua. This complex boasts a 4.5-star rating on Tripadvisor, but my experience yielded mixed impressions. Let's break it down.

Variety of Services: 3/5

Waikite Valley Thermal Pools offer a basic selection of amenities:

  • Pools: The complex features one large public pool, three smaller pools, and four private pools. All pools are sourced from a single spring with varying temperatures between 35°C and 40°C. Tents provide partial shade from sun and rain.

  • Cafe: An on-site cafe caters to your refreshment needs.

  • Nature Trail: A short walking track leads to the thermal source.

The complex lacks massages, a beauty salon, water slides, or a shop for additional supplies. Parking can also be an issue due to the nearby campground. Overall, the service offerings receive a 3/5 rating.

Design and Ambiance: 3/5

The design leans towards a rustic simplicity. Natural stones are used sparingly throughout the complex, and greenery is somewhat limited. The overall aesthetic might not be for everyone. We award 3/5 points for design.

Cleanliness: 3/5

The locker rooms and showers were a point of concern during my visit. Their condition could be improved for a more refreshing experience. Therefore, cleanliness receives a 3/5 rating.

Crowdedness: 3/5

Waikite Valley Thermal Pools experience moderate visitor traffic. Campers from the nearby campsite make up a significant portion of the clientele, potentially leading to a crowded feeling in the smaller space. We rate crowdedness as 3/5.

Value for Money: 5/5

Where Waikite Valley Thermal Pools truly shine is their affordability. Adult tickets cost NZ$18, children (5-15 years) NZ$10, and a family package (2 adults + 2 children) is NZ$48. This excellent value proposition earns a perfect 5/5.

Overall Score: 18/25

Waikite Valley Thermal Pools offer a rustic hot spring experience at a fantastic price. However, limited services, basic facilities, and potential cleanliness concerns may deter some visitors seeking a more luxurious spa experience.

spa experiences in New zealand. Guide in New Zealand. New Zealand tours.
Waikite Valley Thermal Pools, Rotorua

Wairakei Terraces: An Enchanting Escape for Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Wairakei Terraces, a relatively young complex established just three years ago, boasts a rich history thanks to the natural thermal source that feeds its pools. Maori have long revered the rejuvenating and healing properties of these silica-rich waters, even maintaining neutrality during tribal wars to ensure access to this sacred healing ground. Wairakei Terraces currently holds a 4.5-star rating on Tripadvisor, and based on my experience, it's well-deserved.

Variety of Services: 4/5

Wairakei Terraces offers a unique experience focused on relaxation and natural healing:

  • Cascade Pools: The complex features a cascade of stunning blue pools fed by a single thermal source. You can even witness this powerful geyser firsthand on a short walking tour.

  • Massage Services: Body and face massages are available to enhance your spa experience (additional charges may apply).

Public locker rooms are available with separate sections for men and women. However, there are no individual changing booths. Following the local wisdom, showering after using the pools is discouraged to allow the beneficial silica to be absorbed by the skin. Towel and locker rentals are offered for an additional fee. Ample free parking is available on-site.

While the service selection might not be as extensive as some competitors, the unique focus on natural healing and relaxation is commendable. Wairakei Terraces receives a 4/5 rating for services.

Design and Ambiance: 5/5

Wairakei Terraces stands out for its breathtaking design. The cascading pools, adorned with natural stone, create a visually stunning experience. Two picturesque bridges and a small hot waterfall further enhance the natural beauty. The combination of turquoise water, lush greenery, and the cascading pools creates a truly idyllic setting. While the locker rooms might be basic, they are a minor detail in the face of the overall ambiance. Wairakei Terraces receives a perfect 5/5 for design.

Cleanliness: 5/5

During my multiple visits, the complex has consistently maintained impeccable cleanliness. We award a full 5/5 for cleanliness.

Crowdedness: 5/5

Being a relatively new complex, Wairakei Terraces hasn't reached peak popularity yet. Additionally, the minimum age requirement of 14 ensures a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. This tranquility is a major advantage, earning Wairakei Terraces a perfect 5/5 for crowdedness.

Value for Money: 4/5

The entrance fee to Wairakei Terraces is NZ$25, which is a very reasonable price for such a high-quality experience. While some amenities incur additional charges, the overall value proposition is strong, earning a 4/5 rating.

Overall Score: 23/25

Wairakei Terraces offers a unique blend of natural healing, stunning design, and a peaceful atmosphere. While the service variety might be more limited compared to other options, the focus on tranquility and natural rejuvenation is a major draw. For those seeking a luxurious escape for relaxation and pampering, Wairakei Terraces is a perfect choice.

spa experiences in New zealand. Guide in New Zealand. New Zealand tours.
Wairakei Terraces, Taupo

Debretts Spa: Fun for Families, But Showing Its Age

Debretts Spa, established in 1958 and conveniently located next to the Hilton Taupo Hotel, boasts a 4-star rating on Tripadvisor. My recent visit offered a mixed experience, so let's delve into the details.

Variety of Services: 5/5

Debretts Spa caters to a wide range of clientele:

  • Pools: Open public pools provide ample space for swimming and relaxation.

  • Water Playground: Three water slides keep children entertained (be aware of potential stuffiness mentioned by your children).

  • Private Pools: Twelve secluded private pools offer a tranquil escape for those seeking a quieter experience.

  • Massages: A selection of massages is available for further pampering (additional charges may apply).

  • Cafe: A cafe conveniently located near the exit caters to your refreshment needs.

  • Amenities: Swimsuits and towels can be rented at the reception. Lockers are separate with closing doors; however, showers are noticeably absent. Free, open lockers are available, but secure storage requires an additional NZ$2 fee.

  • Parking: Free parking is available, with a short 2-minute walk to the complex entrance (be prepared for an uphill walk back).

Debretts Spa scores a perfect 5/5 for its diverse range of services, catering to both families and those seeking a more private experience.

Design and Ambiance: 3/5

While the complex boasts greenery and a designer touch, the overall aesthetic is dated. Large public pools resemble concrete boxes, and private pools could benefit from a more upscale design. The visible wear and tear on materials suggest the need for renovation. Debretts Spa receives a 3/5 for design.

Cleanliness: 3/5

Cleanliness is a concern. Private pools exhibited water and time stains on the walls. Cobwebs in the locker rooms and a general sense of wanting to avoid barefoot contact with the floor bring the cleanliness score down to 3/5.

Crowdedness: 3/5

Debretts Spa enjoys high popularity, so expect crowds, especially in the public pools. Opt for a private pool if you prefer a quieter experience. We rate crowdedness as 3/5.

Value for Money: 2/5

The cost can be a deciding factor. For a family of two adults and three children, the entrance fee, plus an additional charge for a child using the water slides, totaled NZ$75. Compared to Parakai Springs, which offers similar amenities for NZ$65 (including slides) and a lower adult ticket price of NZ$22, Debretts Spa falls short. We award a 2/5 for value.

Overall Score: 16/25

Debretts Spa offers a fun-filled experience for families with its variety of pools and water slides. However, the dated design, cleanliness issues, and potentially higher costs compared to similar options may be drawbacks for some visitors.

spa experiences in New zealand. Guide in New Zealand. New Zealand tours.
DeBretts SPA, Taupo

Franz Josef Hot Pools: A Secluded Paradise with a Price

Nestled amidst the lush rainforests on the West Coast of the South Island, Franz Josef Hot Pools offer a tranquil escape near the world-famous Franz Josef Glacier. Many helicopter glacier tours include entry to these thermal pools, but they are a worthwhile destination on their own, as evidenced by the 4-star Tripadvisor rating and my own positive experience.

Variety of Services: 3/5

The focus here is on relaxation in a natural setting, with a more limited selection of services:

  • Pools: Three main public pools with varying temperatures (36°C to 40°C) cater to different preferences.

  • Private Pools: Three private pools provide an option for a more secluded soak (additional charges may apply).

  • Massages: A massage salon offers a chance to indulge in further pampering (additional charges apply).

Public changing rooms and showers are available, though lockers incur an extra fee. Towels can be rented for convenience. Overall, the service selection earns a 3/5 rating.

Design and Ambiance: 5/5

Franz Josef Hot Pools truly shine in their design and ambiance. Nestled within the rainforest canopy, the complex creates a feeling of seclusion and harmony with nature. All pools feature a natural, curved design and are finished with beautiful stonework. Tents provide optional shade from the sun or rain. Even the public pools offer cozy grottos and niches for a more private experience. Stunning yet subtle backlighting enhances the ambiance in the evenings. The high-quality materials used in the changing rooms and showers further elevate the experience. Franz Josef Hot Pools receives a perfect 5/5 for design and ambiance.

Cleanliness: 5/5

The complex is impeccably maintained, with no concerns about cleanliness. We award a full 5/5 for cleanliness.

Crowdedness: 3/5

The popularity of the Franz Josef Glacier translates to higher visitor numbers at the hot pools, especially in the evenings. However, the pools are less frequented by children compared to other options. Opt for a morning visit if you prefer a more solitary experience. We rate crowdedness as 3/5.

Value for Money: 3/5

Franz Josef Hot Pools come with a premium price tag, reflecting the general cost structure in the village. Adult admission is NZ$28, and children's entry is NZ$24. The lack of family passes might be a drawback for budget-conscious travelers. This factor leads to a 3/5 rating for value.

Overall Score: 19/25

Franz Josef Hot Pools offer a luxurious escape in a stunning natural setting. The beautiful design, impeccable cleanliness, and peaceful atmosphere are major draws. However, the limited services and higher price point compared to other options might be a consideration for some visitors.

spa experiences in New zealand. Guide in New Zealand. New Zealand tours.
Franz Josef Hot Pools

Tekapo Springs, Tekapo

These hot springs boast a stunning location next to Lake Tekapo on New Zealand's South Island. Immersing yourself in the warm water while gazing upon snow-capped mountains in winter creates an unforgettable experience. Tripadvisor's 4-star rating seems well-deserved.

Variety of Services: 5/5

Tekapo Springs offers a comprehensive range of activities:

  • Thermal Pools: Three thermal pools with varying temperatures (36.5°C to 38°C) cater to individual preferences. All pools are equipped with comfortable "submarines" (presumably headrests).

  • Sauna and Steam Bath: Relax and unwind in the soothing heat.

  • Water Slide: Enjoy a thrilling ride down the 11-meter high, 53-meter long inflatable water slide with three lanes.

  • Massage Salon: Treat yourself to a rejuvenating massage (additional charges apply).

  • Cafe-Bar: Refuel and socialize at the cafe-bar.

  • Ice Skating: Glide across the rink, or try "cheesecake" skating for a unique experience.

  • Stargazing Tours: Embark on a guided tour to explore the wonders of the night sky (availability and pricing may vary).

Amenities: Towel, swimsuit, and locker rental are available for your convenience.

Cleanliness: 5/5

Tekapo Springs is clean and well-maintained throughout the public areas. We award a full 5/5 for cleanliness.

Crowdedness: 5/5 (changed from 3/5)

Due to its remote location, Tekapo Springs generally experiences lower visitor numbers compared to other complexes. You're unlikely to encounter large crowds here. We award a 5/5 for crowdedness.

Value for Money: 3/5

Adult admission is NZ$27, and child entry is NZ$15. While occasional discounts might be available, the general price point is on the higher side. We award a 3/5 for value.

Design and Ambiance: 4/5

The complex integrates well with the surrounding landscape, incorporating local trees. However, the use of plastic pool liners might be a slight aesthetic letdown for some visitors. We award a 4/5 for design.

Overall Score: 22/25

Tekapo Springs offers a wide variety of activities, stunning scenery, and a relaxed atmosphere. While the price point is a consideration, the overall experience is highly enjoyable.

spa experiences in New zealand. Guide in New Zealand. New Zealand tours.
Tekapo Springs

New Zealand Spa Showdown: Choosing Your Perfect Soak

After analyzing eight incredible spa experiences across New Zealand, here's a breakdown to help you pick the perfect spot for relaxation and rejuvenation:

  • Wairakei Terraces, Taupo (23 points): This young complex boasts stunning cascading pools, a natural geyser, and a peaceful atmosphere, ideal for those seeking a unique and tranquil escape.

  • Tekapo Springs, Tekapo (22 points): Nestled beside Lake Tekapo, this spa offers breathtaking scenery, a range of activities (thermal pools, water slides, stargazing!), and a relaxed vibe. It's a great choice for families or those seeking variety.

  • Polynesian Spa (Rotorua) & Franz Josef Hot Pools (Franz Josef) (19 points each): These spas tie for third place. Polynesian Spa offers a cultural immersion with Maori treatments, while Franz Josef Hot Pools provide a luxurious escape surrounded by glaciers. Both are excellent choices for those prioritizing relaxation and beautiful settings.

  • Waikite Valley Thermal Pools (Rotorua) (18 points): This rustic spa features basic amenities but boasts affordable prices and natural hot springs. It's a good option for budget-conscious travelers seeking a back-to-nature experience.

  • Parakai Springs (Auckland) (17 points): This spa offers a good balance of affordability and amenities, including water slides. It's a convenient choice for those near Auckland.

  • Debretts Spa (Taupo) (16 points): While this spa caters well to families with its pools and water slides, it might feel dated compared to others.

  • Ngawha Springs (Bay of Islands) (12 points): This spa scored lower due to limited services and potential cleanliness concerns.

Choosing Your Spa Getaway

This analysis is a great starting point! To make your final decision, consider these factors:

  • Do you crave solitude or a family-friendly atmosphere?

  • Are you prioritizing relaxation, adventure activities, or the therapeutic benefits of the water?

  • What's your budget?

Share Your Spa Secrets!

Have you visited any of these spas? Leave a comment on our Facebook page with your personal experience to help others choose their perfect New Zealand soak!




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