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Visa to New Zealand

Thinking of exploring New Zealand's stunning scenery and vibrant cities? You might need a visa! Depending on your nationality, you can apply for either a visitor visa or a convenient e-Visa.

Visitor Visa: This is the most common type for short-term stays for tourism, business visits, or visiting family and friends. Find details and apply here: New Zealand Visitor Visa.

If you need help, our partner - licensed immigration adviser Valerie Hirsch (license 201900918) will be happy to help you to get a New Zealand visitor visa. Please, contact her directly.

E-Visa: For citizens of certain countries, an e-Visa allows you to apply electronically for a faster and easier process. Check if you're eligible and apply on the Immigration New Zealand website: New Zealand e-Visa.

Ensure a smooth start to your New Zealand adventure - check visa requirements before you book your trip!

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New Zealand Visitor Visa

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