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Arrowtown is a historic gold mining town nestled in a beautiful valley near Queenstown. It appeared on New Zealand maps in 1862 when gold was found in the Arrow River by the first lucky prospector Mr William Fox, who the town was originally named after. The settlement of gold miners was soon renamed after the river that runs beside it and at the end of the goldrush, the number of Arrowtown's residents decreased from 7000 (historical maximum) to 2,400. Today Arrowtown is renowned for its autumn beauty and attracts visitors with its relaxed atmosphere, workshops and galleries. Follow the gold mining trail or the art trail around the galleries of local artists. Take a stroll along the river walk, have a cup of coffee or buy original New Zealand souvenirs from one of the many stores located in the historic buildings of this quaint village. And don't forget to visit the museum where the kids can grab an old pan and try their luck in the river panning for gold.

Arrowtown on the map of New Zealand.

You may try your luck in the waters of Arrow river or grab an unforgettable 4WD tour to Skippers Canyon.

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