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Blue Spring Putaruru

Updated: Jun 11

This unique natural gem is located not far from small town Tirau on the North Island. Waters of the local river is really blue and absolutely clean. 70% of New Zealand bottled water is sourced from Blue Spring. Waters from the Mamaku range takes between 50 and 100 years to reach the Blue Spring. Te Waihou walkway leads to this tranquil place, where the silence is broken only by the murmur of water and the singing of birds.

Te Waihou walkway is 4.7 km one way, with an average walking time of 1.5 hours (9.4 km round trip, 3 hours). The track can be walked in either direction depending on which end your carpark at - Whites road or Leslie road end. The Blue Spring is closer to the Leslie road end (about 800 m from the carpark).

Actually the Blue Spring hides in a shadow of trees on the opposite to the track side of the river and can be seen in overcast weather only. However, on sunny days, visitors enjoy unique colours of the blue river with long green seaweeds. So, you will be rewarded with spectacular views in any case.

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