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Arthur's Pass National Park

Updated: Jun 13

The park includes many peaks over 2000m - the highest is Mount Murchison at 2,400m. All the main valleys of the park are deep and steep sided, with the U-shaped profile typical of glacial action. Above the sub-alpine shrublands, there are enchanting alpine fields with wild flowers. The village at Arthur's Pass is the starting point for many short walks. The entrance to the historic Otira rail tunnel can be seen here - an epic engineering feat through 8.5Km of rock. Watch out for the Kea (mountain parrots) though. They will peel away anything they can get their beak around! Car windscreen wipers & rubber seals are their favorite. An entertaining bird, native to the Southern Alps. The National Park is a mountaineering mecca, offering a huge choice of classic climbing routes, including specialized challenges for ice climbers and rock climbers.

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