Create your own New Zealand Itinerary

There are 7 simple steps to arrange a self-made tour to New Zealand:

1.  Create an account on our site. It will allow you to view and modify your orders. But registration is not compulsory.

2.  Pick NZ attractions (places) which you want to visit using the map below and develop a route applying dates of your trip;

OR just select one of itineraries we have developed for you.

3.  Choose activities in each selected place. If you are developing your own route, go to the page All Activities where you can apply the region and type of activity filter. If you use one of our end-products, just add your required services to the cart using the links in the text of an itinerary.

4.  Add a tour guide's services if you need them.

5.  Purchase selected services and get vouchers delivered by email within 24 hours. The receipt will be sent to you immediately.

6.  You can book vehicles as well as hotels on the website.

7.  Make your way to New Zealand.

If you'd like us to develope a tailor-made tour for you, please, contact us.

Map of New Zealand attractions


Best New Zealand itineraries


Book a vehicle in New Zealand

Please be aware that if you need a vehicle on both North and South Islands you need to drop the first one off at the Wellington ferry terminal and pick up another one in Picton (the ferry terminal at the top of the South Island) or vice versa. This means that you cannot search for a car from Auckland to Queenstown. You have to divide your enquiry into two parts: 1) from Auckland to Wellington; 2) from Picton to Queenstown. There is some good news, though: you won't need to pay the expensive fee for parking your car inside the ferry!

Book hotels in New Zealand

"Using JustGoThere I arranged my fabulous New Zealand trip all by myself - everything I wanted to do & nothing I didn't want. So easy!"

Anna, UK

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