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Man-Made New Zealand attractions. 3D Trick Art Gallery Rotorua.

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Everybody knows New Zealand thanks to its unique and diverse nature. The history of mankind in New Zealand is only 1000 years old, and Europeans settled here less than 200 years ago, which is why our country has a lack of man-made travel attractions. However, we do have a few worth mentioning. Today we are starting a series of articles about these rare attractions to help you create your perfect travel itinerary around Aotearoa.

The first item on our bucket list is the 3D Trick Art Gallery in Rotorua. This is the first and only 3D gallery in the country. Switch on your imagination and immerse yourself in a bottomless fantasy world. We prefer to show you pictures than describe the experience by words. Scroll through our slide show below:

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