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2023 Tourism New Zealand statistics

Tourism New Zealands reports, that between December 2022 and February 2023 New Zealand welcomed 890,000 visitors, 66% of what we experienced pre-covid. 385,000 of these arrivals were holiday visitors, 53% of pre-covid levels. While a positive step in NZ recovery, Summer was a mixed bag result for many regions including those affected by extreme weather events in January-February this year.

Latest holiday arrivals data for March 2023 show we’re at 55% of pre-covid levels. Preference for New Zealand among our those actively considering visiting continues to grow and remains high, at 44.8%, giving us a highly motivated group of people to reach with our activity.

JustGoThereNZ witnesses the high demand for summer season 2023-2024. We cannot wait to welcome our customers in Aotearoa!

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