Wairakei Terraces Taupo New Zealand

Mineral and Silica Enriched Thermal Pools at Wairakei Terraces, Taupo

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Wairakei Terraces is a unique geothermal area just a short drive from Taupo. Maori settled here around 1,000 years ago, drawn by the thermal activity and the abundance of food. They believed that the hot pools contained healing powers and qualities that aided skin ailments & relieved arthritic complaints. At the turn of the last century, travellers worldwide came by train, horse or stagecoach to wonder at the beautiful silica deposits on the original pink and white terraces or soak in the therapeutic waters, testifying to its remarkable curative and envigorating properties. 
The blue healing water contains many minerals and the core one is silica. Modern research has shown that collagen can slow the ageing process & the body needs silica to make collagen. In older times, the valley was a ‘no war’ zone during inter tribal warfare, so warriors from any tribe could bathe in the hot pools to help heal their wounds. Hopefully you won’t have wounds, but silica strengthens bones, boosts the immune system, promotes healthy nerves, hair, nails and is used in acne & migraine treatments (but you have to be over 14 years old).

  • Extra information

    Prices are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD). The tour is available each day except Christmas and New Year Days.

    Working hours:

    1 October – 31 March, 8:30 – 21:00;

    1 April – 30 September, 8:30 – 20:30.

    Visitors must be 14+ years old. 

  • Total duration of the tour

    Up to you

  • Cancellation policy

    100% cancellation fee apply if you cancel the tour within 48 hours before the tour

  • Address

    Wairakei Terraces & Thermal Health SPA, Sh 1, Wairakei 3377

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