Diving, Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

Diving near Poor Knights Islands

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Jacques Cousteau rated the Poor Knights Islands in the top ten dive sites in the world! A warm current passes near the islands, due to which many species of fish and corals live here.

Check-in time is 8 am. A crew will fit you out with the equipment you require, and then we embark on a 45-50 minute boat ride out to the Islands. On the ride over, one of our instructors will have a chat with you about your experience level and how we can tailor the day to suit you. We will buddy you up with someone of a similar experience level, and you can choose to dive as a buddy pair or part of a guided group. The navigation at the Knights is relatively easy, and our site briefings are very thorough. Our guides are part of the service we offer and are free of charge – we try to take no more than six divers in one group.

Your skipper will give a briefing on the vessel and procedures, tanks will be set out, and you can gear up and jump in!!

The Poor Knights offer a fantastic variety of diving for everyone from first-timers through to ultra-experienced instructors. The terrain at the Knights is volcanic rock, so there are lots of nooks and crannies, archways, caves and holes, walls and plateaus - everything you could want! The encrusting life on the walls is legendary, and the fish-life is prolific. As the Islands are in the path of the East Auckland Current which branches off the East Australia Current, we are lucky enough to get some unusual tropical species living in harmony with our resident temperate water fish. There are several kinds of moray eels, some big crayfish, thick schools of fish and cheeky, curious wrasse to name just a few.

We do two dives at different sites around the Islands. The choice of which sites to dive is made on the day by the skipper and crew. It is based on precisely what the weather conditions are doing and the experience of the divers on the day. In between dives we have an hour and a half surface interval during which you'll have time for snorkelling, kayaking, working on your suntan, eating lunch and drinking complimentary hot drinks which the crew will make for you. We'll also take you on tour around the Islands to see the magnificent archways, caves, and cliffs - and into Riko Riko Cave - the largest surveyed sea cave in the world. After the second dive we up anchor and head home, usually getting back to Tutukaka between 4 and 4.30 pm. These times can, however, be a bit "dolphin dependent" - we never know just what we'll see in a day that slows the boat down a little.

  • Extra information

    Prices are in New Zealand Dollars. Tour is available 365 days a year.

    The minimal age is 16 years old. 

    What is included: selected dive gear, mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit and kayak hire.

    What to bring: swimming togs, and a towel, sense of adventure and fun.

    Lunch is at extra cost of 15 NZD.

  • Duration

    8 hours from 8 am to 4 pm.

  • Cancellation policy

    100% cancellation fee apply if you cancel the tour within 48 hours before the tour

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